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"My, extremely active, nine year old daughter was looking to shift her sport focus. In this transition it became clear that she was lacking in certain muscle groups and injuries were occurring as a result. After assessment with Physio, we met with Sam to create a training program to meet Elly’s goals and strengthen the areas that required development.

Sam first met with Elly and did an assessment session. She then developed a comprehensive weekly work out plan (3 days/week), complete with instruction, reps, length of exercise and pictures to illustrate. She went through the plan with us and we did personal training sessions to ensure Elly was preforming her exercises correctly and safely.

Sam’s was very flexible with her workout, adjusting as Elly needed. She was always available for questions. She actively inquired as to Elly’s progress and needs. Sam was always very encouraging.

We plan to have Sam involved in Elly’s training into the future. I highly recommend Sam for personal training and exercise prehab. As a final word, Sam is just a wonderful human who will add value to your life and activity goals! "

~Lisa M.

Sam Birosh worked with our daughter while she was in a cast recovering from a fractured ankle. She was able to keep her active in ways that were not only specific to her sport, but specific to her injury as well. This allowed our daughter, Annie to continue to train, condition and stretch with purpose; staying both physically and mentally fit.

We would highly recommend Sam Birosh to anyone who is looking for assistance with an individualized, sports specific training or recovery program.

- Mike Thompson

Teacher-Athletic Director Esquimalt High School SD61

- Lauren Thompson

Teacher SD61

I have known Samantha for several years now, in the capacity of my daughter’s gymnastics coach, first for recreational levels then for Elite Petite Development levels and now as her Trainer.

Samantha has always demonstrated great professionalism with all the girls on her team and is very encouraging of all their skill levels. She has fostered a team of young girls that has become very close and cheer on each other’s accomplishments.

Having Samantha work now with my daughter, in the capacity of Calieight Fitness is amazing as she is quick to explain everything she does with Callyn and how it will not only help improve her overall strength but prevent injury.

We are more than happy to recommend Calieight Fitness and look forward to a continuing relationship !!!

- Roberta Van Sickle Woodcock.

Calieight Fitness & Samantha Birosh are an integral part of our daughter’s athletic training and overall development. Their knowledge, positivity and understanding of young athletes’ growing bodies and individual needs is beyond impressive. As a dancer and competitive gymnast, Calieight has hugely improved our child’s strength, flexibility, core movement and technique. They’ve also helped with injury prevention and gaining confidence not only in sport, but everyday life. We’ve witnessed Samantha and Calieight Fitness’ unique ability to connect with each young athlete and draw the best out of them. One of the many reasons we continue to trust and love working with Calieight!

- Audra. M.

Masters in Sport Administration - Business 

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