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Gymnast: Flora

Flora just recently started working with Sam at Calieight this past Sept, but she has always been curious about Sam’s sessions as many of her best friends have been long time clients and rave about Calieight to Flora.  Flora is excited to be joining in on those sessions now and they do not disappoint!  

Sam really understands how to keep the training and hard work full of play and fun and how to keep kids positively engaged.  Flora loves to come home from her weekly session and tell us about her gains and growth as well as the fun competitions Sam throws in.  The small group sessions are a great way to complete strength training with your friends but still get to focus on specific exercise to target that area that are important for each athlete to build strength and endurance.

Often during fall gymnastics training Flora experiences a multitude of small and frustrating injuries and this past 4 months, since working with Sam, Flora has seen none! We have already seen great progress in floras strength and we are excited to see how Sam’s sessions may support floras upcoming comp season. Thank you for all you do to support our girls Sam!

- (Jan 5, 2023) -




Multi-Sport: Elizabeth

Since starting to work with Sam at Calieight in February, Elizabeth has gotten progressively stronger, her fluidity of movement has improved and her attitude towards working out has transformed. 

Sam motivates Elizabeth by making exercise enjoyable. She put together a personalized plan that challenges Elizabeth’s strength gaps and her one-on-one sessions have kept Elizabeth on track in a fun and supportive way. I’m so proud of Elizabeth progress.

- (Dec 11, 2023) -


Gymnast: Audra

Audra has been working with Calieight for close to a year now. First it was to work through an injury and get her back to her sport at full strength. Sam came up with an amazing training programme that she could incorporate into her daily gymnastics sessions. It was such a success that her entire squad started to do it together!
Since then she has worked with Calieight in weekly group sessions to work on strength training to avoid injury. We’ve seen such growth in Audra both physically and mentally. Sam does such a great job of boosting the girls up, and really focuses on their strengths, while encouraging them to try new things, and gain confidence in things they may not be so strong at yet.
We are so happy to have Sam in our lives. Thank you Sam! 

- (Nov 3, 2023) -


Figure Skater: Lauren

Lauren has been figure skating for two years now. As a latecomer to the sport, she was happy to connect with Sam at Calieight to supplement her training. Since Lauren started training with Sam we’ve noticed an improvement in her strength, balance and flexibility. Sam has helped Lauren overcome a foot pronation problem, by focusing on proper form during excercises and strengthening weaker muscles. Sam finds creative ways to push her athletes with excercises that challenge them and translate directly into their sport. We’re thankful Lauren has connected with Sam. She has a unique gift of connecting with young athletes in a positive environment. Lauren always has a smile on her face after every training session with Sam!

- (Oct 18, 2023) -


Gymnast: Savannah

Since 2019, Savannah has been working with Sam on various things such as injury prevention, flexibility, strength and even rehab from the injuries she has sustained being a gymnast. Sam has always been super encouraging and a positive woman figure in Savannah’s life. Sam has recently be able to help unlock new excitement in Savannahs strength training which has inspired Savannah to push her limits and now has made great gains. We are excited to see where Sam can take Savannah in the coming year(s). 

- (Aug 18, 2023) -


Figure Skater: Madeline

Madeline is 12.5 and in my eyes a superstar in so many ways. Throughout personal and physical setbacks she has continued to work hard, dig down deep and achieve personal goals. I admire what she has accomplished. Madeline placed second at her last competition and received a bravery award presented by Skate Canada 🇨🇦 BC/YK section. Throughout the year she has been supported by Samantha and Calieight. Her time with Samantha encourages her to be strong, to believe in herself and of course to strengthen her body in order to avoid injury and to achieve the physical requirements to figure skate. Samantha has provided professional, outstanding and personal guidance for Madeline. Madeline is discovering so much about herself the kindness and support of Samantha is immeasurable. 

Thank you for your time, flexibility and talent. 

- (July 13, 2023) -


Dancer: Taye

Taylor started seeing Sam almost 4 years ago, in September 2019, to help Taylor maintain a straight leg when dancing and increase her overall flexibility. Within the first few months I noticed a dramatic improvement and shortly after that, during competition season, Taylor was able to translate this new strength and conditioning training into winning performances on stage. The ongoing and regular training with Sam has complemented Taylor‘s dance training, enabling her to consistently achieve better form, jump higher, and maintain stamina throughout some pretty tough routines. Sam expects good form, and patiently explains how to achieve it, and creates fun, dynamic sessions - especially important for those days when the preteen/teen athlete is not 100% engaged! Sam has not only contributed to Taylor‘s growth as a dancer and young female athlete in general, but has also helped Taylor develop confidence in herself as a young adult outside of dance. Thank you, Sam!

- (May 8, 2023) -


Figure Skater: Julie

In just over two months working with Samantha, Julie has seen a lot of improvements on ice and off ice. Some of the improvements so far include Julie's body awareness, flexibility, engaging the right group muscles, core stability, stamina, and controlling her breathing when she skates. Her strength training has also contributed to Julie's progression in mastering more complex jumps on ice. Most importantly, Julie enjoys working out with Sam. It is a fun activity for her, because Sam has creative ways to push Julie's limits with the desire to achieve higher goals. Sam's attention to detail is remarkable, making an enjoyable experience for Julie. I have also noticed an increase in Julie's confidence on ice as well. Thank you Sam for your hardwork!!!

- (April 5, 2023) -


Cheerleader: Evelyn

In just a short time, Sam has been able to take Evelyn’s cheer progress to the next level. As a flyer, it is so important that Evelyn has a strong, stable core and that she is aware of how to engage it, and hold that engagement for long periods of time. Sam’s ability to make ‘hard work’ fun while also pushing Evelyn to new heights with strength and flexibility has been incredible. We have noticed a dramatic change both at home and at cheer competitions. We are very fortunate to have Sam working with Evelyn and look forward to what’s next! 

- (March 3, 2023) -


Gymnast / Skiing: Freya

Sam has been an amazing physical and emotional support to Freya during her rehabilitation from a wrist injury last year and a shoulder injury this year. Sam works closely with our physiotherapist to take the rehab exercises to the next level with equipment and creative ideas. Not only is Freya’s time with Sam an additional opportunity to strengthen safely when rehabilitating, Sam’s positive energy has made a huge impact on seeing opportunity rather than disappointment when goals have to shift. Freya is proud to be a strong athlete and I love that Sam and Calieight empower Freya and her peers to celebrate their strength and have fun too! Strength training complements all of Freya’s activities, although she just sees it as another fun activity on its own when she is working with Sam.  ❤️

- (Jan 31, 2023) -


Dancer: Jamia

Jamia has been working with Sam from Calieight for 6 months now with the goal of conditioning her body for  her dance career. With Sam’s help Jamia has been able to unlock new skills that were out of reach for her before. The improvements are incredible and the future looks even better. 

Sam is very receptive and changes the plan accordingly to the athlete’s needs. That helps them grow in the right direction. But most important of all, it lowers the risk of them suffering injuries. 

In addition to that, Sam takes time out of her busy schedule to be present at her clients’ events, showing that the support she provides goes beyond the physical conditioning and extends to a more genuinely caring for their success.

We are very fortunate to count on her support!

  - (Jan15, 2023) -




Gymnast: Charlotte

It is no doubt that the students working with Sam will achieve their goals and Charlotte is lucky to be one of them. In just the short time Charlotte has been training with Sam, Charlotte has taken away important techniques that she will use throughout her dance career. Sam has been helping Charlotte work on core stability, lower body  strengthening and power, and so much more to help her achieve her goals. She also focuses on strengthening and technique for injury prevention and safety. We have noticed Charlotte’s stability improve and even holding her handstands since working with Sam! She has also taught Charlotte important lessons that will bring value to her in not only dance but in every day to day life. Thank you Sam for supporting Charlotte and all of her classmates in working towards their goals!

  - (Dec 3rd, 2022) -



Gymnast: Savannah

My eldest daughter has been working with Samantha since 2019 on injury prevention, flexibility, strength and rehab for various injuries she’s had over the years from being a competitive gymnast. Her ability to think outside the box and get creative with exercises is truly remarkable! Samantha has also worked with my youngest daughter on balance and coordination which is something our daughter really struggled with. Samantha made it fun and relatable to what she was learning in her recreational gymnastics class! This in turn built her confidence and she is now a more confident child. The growth in physical and mental abilities from working with Calieight Fitness is priceless and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Samantha working with our daughters. ❤️

 - (Nov 1st, 2022) -



Figure Skater: Mia

Mia started working with Sam through Calieight eight months ago after recovering from an injury.  Initially, the goal was to work with Sam for 3-4 months, to increase Mia’s strength to prevent future injuries; however, Mia has loved her sessions so much we have continued.  Sam was not only able to identify goals with Mia to improve her overall strength but able to help her set and reach goals within her sport of figure skating.  Thank you Sam for being such a strong, positive role model in Mia’s life. 💫

 - (Oct 3, 2022) - 


Figure Skater: Paisley

Sam and Calieight were recommended to my daughter 6 months ago and Paisley has loved every minute of it!! Paisley's self confidence has grown so much and she now see's herself as strong and a force to be reckoned with!  Sam's attention to detail and sports specific training has helped Paisley with her figure skating goals, including receiving a personal best at a competition in May. Paisley has developed a passion for fitness and strives to be her best self thanks to Sam and Calieight. 

 - (Sept 6, 2022) -


Multi-Sport: Claira

Claira has been working with Sam from Calieight for two months and the growth we have seen in her, both physically and mentally is astonishing! Sam has an incredible way of connecting with Claira (and all of the athletes she works with) on a very special level by learning her specific needs and understanding her goals. Sam has been able to develop a strong foundation of strength training for Claira by helping her to not only understand the core muscle groups needed to accomplish and achieve her goals but how to do it safely and to prevent injury! Sam's encouraging and supportive nature has created a very fun and safe space for Claira to learn and try new things while challenging her to push through and reach new limits! Not only does Claira love and look forward to her sessions with Sam, we can see her self confidence growing as she crushes her goals. Thank you Sam for being an incredible role model, supporter and coach for Claira! We are beyond lucky to have found you!!  

- (August 1, 2022) - 


Figure Skater/ Rugby: Kai

Since Kai has started training with Sam through Calieight, she’s really gained confidence and knowledge regarding weight training and how it can benefit her figure skating. She loves that Sam pushes them for perfect positions and posture.  It’s great to see Kai wanting to up here game every week (which she strives to do) plus with the addition of more flexibility based training its all starting to show in her skating. Sam has really connected with the girls, understands their differences, sport specific needs and is bringing out all their hidden strengths. We were lucky to find her🤩💪🏼⛸

 - (July 14, 2022) -



Nordic skiing / Figure Skater: Zainab

Samantha has a unique gift of connecting with youth on a level that makes every child feel like a champion. She showcases their strengths, finds what makes them tick and creates programs that support their specific needs. Her ability to adapt to different learning styles and  her speciality in artistic sports is a rare find. Both of our daughters have gained self-confidence, power, strength and flexibility by working with Sam over the past 3 years. Her attention to the details and technique of each sport and her willingness to learn from and collaborate with each athlete’s rehab team truly sets her apart. I have the utmost confidence in my daughters’ training and rehabilitating with Calieight fitness. Thank you, Sam, for all your support! 🤍

 - (June 9, 2022) -



Elite Swimmer: Sailor

Sailor began working with Samantha in Sept 2020, and throughout this time Sailor has fallen in love with fitness training. Samantha is professional and enthusiastic and shows a true passion for developing young athletes. Samantha's attention to Sailors swimming goals have helped her improve and strengthen her strokes in the pool. Sailor is excited for every session at Calieight as she continues to build on her physical and mental strength! 

 - (May 2, 2022) -


Gymnast: Marina

Marina has literally grown up with Calieight! 💪🏽 As one of Sam’s first clients, she has helped our daughter through a variety of needs. Whether assisting with hyper mobility, strength training, active flexibility, adjusting to growth spurts, injury prevention and rehab collaboration, Calieight has been able to adjust and positively support our athlete. 🤸🏼‍♀️ Sam communicates well with both youth and parents, while building creative, fun and engaging exercises moving towards specific goals. Grateful to work with a Kinesiologist specialized in artistic sport. Thank you, Sam & Calieight for being part of our journey! ❤️

 - (April 6, 2022) -


Elite Figure Skater: Ruby

I cannot speak highly enough of the Calieight program. Our daughter has been attending for several months now and she absolutely LOVES it! Her Calieight strength training sessions are one of the things she looks forward to most throughout the week! Sam is amazing with the kids, and teaches them how to strength train properly from the ground up. I am particularly impressed with the attention to detail in the technique department, and how creative some of the exercises are. Strength training is an important part of figure skating and I’m very grateful that our daughter has the opportunity to train through Calieight! 

 - (March 1, 2022) -


Dancer: Maliya

My daughter Maliya has been training with Sam at Calieight Fitness since September as offered with her dance training at Dance Unlimited Performing Arts. Sam’s expertise, professionalism and positivity were apparent to us from the very beginning. Her specific and individualized approach to training has greatly supported Maliya’s growth in dance by helping to provide a sound foundation of strength and flexibility.  We have been truly impressed with Sam’s ability to assess Maliya’s movements and provide appropriate, fun and safe physical training regimens. We plan to continue with Sam well into the future. I highly recommend her for personal training as she provides an environment where strength, grace and confidence is nurtured and encouraged in each individual dancer!

 - (Jan 30, 2022) - 



Gymnast: Ella

Calieight has been such an awesome experience for Ella. Her confidence and strength have greatly improved since she started training with Sam. Sam has a way of making even the hardest workouts fun and exciting for the girls! We can’t wait to see what Ella will accomplish in competition! Thanks for being so amazing Sam! 

 - (Jan 13, 2022) -



Gymnast: Dawsyn

💫 Calieght has been inspirational in helping Dawsyn not only gain strength, but also confidence through Sam and her ability to push her to believe in herself. Sam creates such a fun, positive and inviting atmosphere that Dawsyn is always excited to attend each week. We have watched Dawsyn progress and grow both physically and mentally over the past 6 months and attribute much of it to Sam at Calieight. Dawsyn is always excited to attend and proud of her accomplishments, whether big or small. Thank you Sam for being a bright light in Dawsyn's life and we can't to see where she goes. 💫

 - (Dec 11, 2021) -


Gymnast / Equestrian: Chloe

We have loved watching Chloe’s progression over the last few months with her Calieight sessions. 

Her shoulder flexibility, her core strength and her upper body strength to name a few! Her confidence has flourished and she is always happy to meet with Sam for a session. We adore Sam’s philosophy and it has truly been amazing to watch her work with Chloe and bring her to her fullest potential. Chloe is always smiling and proud of herself when she’s accomplished something new at her session. Being encouraged and guided by Sam is an added bonus! We can’t wait to see what else these two come up with over the next few months! 

 - (Nov 2, 2021) - 



Gymnast: Elly

"My, extremely active, nine year old daughter was looking to shift her sport focus. In this transition it became clear that she was lacking in certain muscle groups and injuries were occurring as a result. After assessment with Physio, we met with Sam to create a training program to meet Elly’s goals and strengthen the areas that required development.

Sam first met with Elly and did an assessment session. She then developed a comprehensive weekly work out plan (3 days/week), complete with instruction, reps, length of exercise and pictures to illustrate. She went through the plan with us and we did personal training sessions to ensure Elly was preforming her exercises correctly and safely.

Sam’s was very flexible with her workout, adjusting as Elly needed. She was always available for questions. She actively inquired as to Elly’s progress and needs. Sam was always very encouraging.

We plan to have Sam involved in Elly’s training into the future. I highly recommend Sam for personal training and exercise prehab. As a final word, Sam is just a wonderful human who will add value to your life and activity goals! "

MIKE & LAUREN THOMPSON / Teacher-Athletic Director Esquimalt High School SD61 & Teacher SD61

Gymnast: Annie

Sam Birosh worked with our daughter while she was in a cast recovering from a fractured ankle. She was able to keep her active in ways that were not only specific to her sport, but specific to her injury as well. This allowed our daughter, Annie to continue to train, condition and stretch with purpose; staying both physically and mentally fit.

We would highly recommend Sam Birosh to anyone who is looking for assistance with an individualized, sports specific training or recovery program.


Gymnast: Callyn 

I have known Samantha for several years now, in the capacity of my daughter’s gymnastics coach, first for recreational levels then for Elite Petite Development levels and now as her Trainer. 

Samantha has always demonstrated great professionalism with all the girls on her team and is very encouraging of all their skill levels. She has fostered a team of young girls that has become very close and cheer on each other’s accomplishments. 

Having Samantha work now with my daughter, in the capacity of Calieight Fitness is amazing as she is quick to explain everything she does with Callyn and how it will not only help improve her overall strength but prevent injury. 

We are more than happy to recommend Calieight Fitness and look forward to a continuing relationship !!!

AUDRA MALAWSKY /Masters in Sport Administration - Business

Gymnast: Marina

Calieight Fitness & Samantha Birosh are an integral part of our daughter’s athletic training and overall development. Their knowledge, positivity and understanding of young athletes’ growing bodies and individual needs is beyond impressive. As a dancer and competitive gymnast, Calieight has hugely improved our child’s strength, flexibility, core movement and technique. They’ve also helped with injury prevention and gaining confidence not only in sport, but everyday life. We’ve witnessed Samantha and Calieight Fitness’ unique ability to connect with each young athlete and draw the best out of them. One of the many reasons we continue to trust and love working with Calieight!

- Audra. M.



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