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The Perfect balance of Calisthenics and Weight 

Group / Team

Motivation with a team can be a game changer. Find your team and work along side them to conquer goals and objectives collectively. These sessions can be catered to be sport specific needs and requirements or work towards unique functional attributes - power, speed, mobility, coordination.

Semi-Private / Small Group

Small groups are perfect when you are looking to accomplish the same goal as a peer, friend, teammate, or partner. It provides opportunity for a more individualized approach, and faster results! A semi-private keeps sessions upbeat and fun! They're more cost effective, they hold partners accountable, safety is enhanced with smaller numbers and there's fun, healthy competition! 


Private Lessons

If you're looking to gain that extra edge in sport faster, rehabilitate an injury, or build confidence and autonomy in a fitness gym, this is the best option for you! This one on one individualized approach could absolutely make the difference in your sport or lifestyle!

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