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One month minimum.

Sessions are once a week on a scheduled day & time.

GST (5%) on each session.

Payment must be made prior to first session or on day of first session.

24 hours in advance for cancellations $20 fee for late cancellation.

If your extended health covers Kinesiology, sessions with Samantha can be billed to your health plan.



Silver Combo: Session is semi-private, and children follow the same program

Silver Private Session: Each child gets 45 minutes on their own to work on exercises tailored towards their needs specifically.

45 MINUTES is also an option as a private session for a single child, depending on your geographical location! This option will bring the time down to 45 minutes.


Sessions will be booked for a specific day and time, most often there will be no changes to your session date when something comes up as my schedule is generally fully booked. Please ensure the day/time you choose will work for 1 month. If days away are planned, then changes can be arranged in advance.

Clients beyond 10km of Uptown, will have an extra charge of $10 applied to each session. If there's a client nearby who is booked in after you, the charge will be $5 extra applied to each session.

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