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Bringing Awareness to the Importance of Proper Development in Athletes.

My First Blog Entry! - Welcome to Calieight! 

June 20th 2019

As I'm beginning a new chapter in my life, I'm channeling the personal growth I gained from my solo trip to Mexico. During this time I spent a month focusing on myself to better understand my purpose and passions in life. I didn't leave with a game plan for my future, but instead with a motivated and healthy new mindset to reach and surpass any goals I set for myself.

I have started my own business called Calieight Fitness, fueled by my passion in sport specific training with the goal of injury prevention and physical literacy in youth. After coaching gymnastics for 5 years I plan to utilize my knowledge in gymnastics movement, and my education in kinesiology, to create specialized programming for young athletes.

Developmental gymnastics specifically has shown me my niche for helping young athletes understand how to engage muscle groups specific to a skill. This is an integral part of the developmental process and it can be overlooked at times while children are training in their chosen sport. Setting a foundation through proper technique, stretching, overall functional movement and body awareness, will help to lesson the chances of future injury. This forward thinking can lead to a longer duration in sport and a positive mind-frame, as a healthier body truly leads to a healthier mind.

The goal is to stay active for life, and for this to happen it starts at the beginning, so that's exactly where I'm going to start with Calieight Fitness!

My website is a work in progress! 👍🏽

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