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As soon as Jayah became an ambassador she naturally started supporting Calieight whole-heartedly! Throughout June and July she was a cheerleader for my business! She is always so supportive, encouraging and kind! When given the opportunity she compliments everyone connected to Calieight through social media posts! Jayah's positively infectious personality is everything my business stands for and I am so grateful to have her as an ambassador! Thank you for everything Jayah!

Calieight Cheerleader <3 

Over the month of August Marina promoted Calieight through multiple posts to her social media page! I am so appreciative of her kind words and support. For over a year now Marina has shown her love for physical activity and sport, and has even mentioned wanting to work for Calieight one day! This award title is a reflection of her overall enthusiasm for exercise, Calieight fitness, as well as her natural athletic talent! 

Calieight Junior Trainer

Over the month of September Paige was a true ambassador for Calieight! She has become my little prodigy during her kinesiology sessions after showing outstanding form while learning new stretches and and exercise movements. She is always smiling and eager to learn more about every exercise I introduce! A phrase that I personally use regularly fits Paige perfectly! "Beast mode." 

She has become an all star in every way and I am proud to have her as part of my team! 

Calieight Wonder Girl!

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