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What the Current Ambassadors are Saying!

Being an ambassador has helped to boost my confidence and self esteem. I love being able to do fun things with my friends and promote Calieight Fitness!

Alanna - The Comedian

I love being an ambassador for Calieight because I get to be part of exciting events, meet other kids and have lots of fun!

Ainsley - Little but mighty! The powerhouse!

What I like best about being a Calieight Ambassador is doing challenges and hanging out with an awesome group of friends!

Callyn - The Future Movie Star

What I like most about being a Calieight Ambassador: I love how every few months we all get together for a super fun mystery event!

Marina - The Calieight Junior Trainer

I love being a Calieight Ambassador because I can do fun activities with my fellow ambassadors, as well as promoting Calieight which has helped my hyper mobility and overall health and wellness.

Savannah - The Phoenix

Calieight has empowered me to be strong mentally and physically in my sport! The challenges are fun and I have also met amazing girls who inspire me!

Paige - Wonder Girl!

I feel proud to be a Calieight Ambassador, it has helped me in several ways. I can now comfortably speak in public and on camera. Another thing I like about being an ambassador is all the fun challenges, it really brings out a creative side. Lastly, I "love" all the swag you get!

Jayah - The Cheerleader

Being an Ambassador has boosted my self-esteem, I feel free to be me! It has been amazing participating in Calieight Fitness sessions, challenges and photoshoots with my friends, promoting the Calieight brand!

Briar - The Supermodel!

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