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Calieight Fitness  is a local small Personal Training business looking to make a large impact in the fitness community starting with Victoria BC. My name is Samantha and I am the founder of Calieight Fitness. Growing up, sports shaped who I've become, they were my energy release, confidence builder and positive influence. Sports have consistently provided me with opportunities and experiences that are invaluable. This lifestyle has inspired me to pursue a life dedicated around providing others with similar opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Through sports I developed the motivation to learn, grow, and continue to break comfort zones by getting involved. I began coaching recreational gymnastics in 2013 and developed into a High-Performance developmental coach working with young talent, and current provincial stream gymnasts. This same passion for sports attracted me to to obtain a degree through the Centre of Sport and Exercise Education specializing in a Kinesiology designation. 

The practical components of coaching high-performance gymnastics and the educational / theoretical components of my degree help to shape the Calieight Fitness approach. Blending both of these worlds creates the ultimate solution for fitness, giving athletes the ability to optimally perform different aspects of their sport and providing overall health and well being.


The name Calieight Fitness came from the idea of merging calisthenics and weight training. Gymnastics movement provides a foundation for all sport, and I plan to use my gymnastics coaching background to bring something new to specialized training programs.

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